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From garment bags to published images: turn your collection into sales


what I do

01 How I Help Realizing Your Campaign Launch

Fashion shoots are usually time consuming and exhausting from beginning to end, there are just so many hurdles to jump through and so many details to worry about.

You are constantly worrying about whether the photographer will shoot the collection the way you wanted to, and if they’re actually overcharging. 

The shoot often goes into overtime and you know too well how expensive it would cost… and if the photos are not delivered in time it’s another hassle. 

I can make the entire process a breeze by providing optimized and professional packages that includes detailed planning and efficient workflow.

Why is it so important?


An efficient workflow ensures the shoot happens on time and finishes in time. The planning will time each part down to minutes and make sure we get every shot within the time limit. 


The photos will be delivered however and whenever you choose them, guaranteed. On top of that, I will make sure everyone signssign their appropriate contract so we all know what we are getting into.

If you want a high quality campaign and ironclad workflow process that help you launch your next collection, then book a 1 on 1 call to see if I’m the best fit for your project. 


Can’t remember the last time you had a good night sleep as a business owner? You’ll get one after doing a project with me ;)

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02 Portfolio

My Process

03 The 3 Phases of our Fashion Shoot


1. Analyzing Your Collection:

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your collection.

Present fitting ideas and a moodboard.


2. Detailed Planning:

Develop a meticulous plan outlining every aspect of the photo shoot.

Create a roadmap for the entire shoot, specifying key elements.


3. Efficient Workflow:

Streamlining the entire process for optimal efficiency and timing each part down to minutes for a well-organized workflow.

4. Visualization of Results:

Presenting visual representations to align with your expectations and achieving high level of transparency by providing a clear visualization of the expected outcome.

5. Efficient Contract Management

Ensure all participants sign appropriate contracts and provide legally binding agreements to avoid misunderstandings.


I will work with the team and make sure the session goes as scheduled and we get all the planned images. 

This way we can make sure that the shoot happens on time and finishes in time so we don’t spend extra time nor pay expensive overtime fees. 


I will incorporate a delivery schedule that aligns with your preferences and provide flexibility in how and when you receive the final photos, with a guaranteed delivery timeline.


04 My Clients

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About Me

05 About Me

Hi! I’m Yuxian He, a NYC based fashion photographer. 


I ultimately got into fashion photography because I always feel like there is really no standard measurement in the majority of photography arts and I love achieving something that makes a tangible and positive impact on the people I'm serving. 


It’s hard to give out a grounded answer when it’s all preference. However, fashion photography is way more competitive and the photographer bears more responsibility in an entrepreneurial process. I thrive on competition and love working with entrepreneurs who dream big.


I used to be that photographer with no real established workflow and it cost time (thus money) for both me and my clients. It was also difficult to ensure consistent results and i really want all my projects to achieve a high standard. 


So I developed a proven 3-phase fashion photography system over time to make sure nothing goes wrong to the best of my abilities, for both me and my clients’ sake. That way, I can promise a high standard of  excellence for all of my projects. This extensive system has served me and my clients very well in countless projects over the years.


06 FAQ

Q1: How much do you charge?

A1: Every project is unique, so the needs (and rates) change from project to project. However, you will find the quotes to be within industry standards. I will not take on a client unless I am confident that I can meet all the requirements and expectations. 

Q2: Do you travel for work?

A2: Yes! If it’s around the New York metro area there wouldn't be much additional cost. Anywhere further would require travel compensation. 

Q3: How long does a shoot take?

A3: I offer a 4-hour package and an 8-hour package but these are more of a baseline since every project is unique and we can certainly so ultimately it depends on the planning to best suit your needs.

Q4: How long does the whole process take?

A4: If the project is urgent and our schedule is clear, it is possible to get it done in a week. We will go over the timeline in our onboarding call. 


07 Ready To Get Started?

Reach out to me however you prefer!

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